Annual & General Body Meeting

November 13, 2019 | 5:45pm

Blair-Caldwell Research Library, 2401 Welton St.,

Denver, CO 80205

      President's Message

         Joseph Whitfield, Esq.

With a history that spans roughly two generations, the Sam Cary Bar Association (“SCBA”) remains the principle organization dedicated to the professional development, support, and success of African-American attorneys in the state of Colorado.  As the legal community in our state continues to grow, so does the need for organizations that speak to who we are, where we have been, and where we are headed.  It began as the brainchild of seven African-American attorneys who saw the need for such leadership in the Rocky Mountain state… and answered the call. They had the courage and determination to spearhead an organization in order to accomplish this goal, and today their dreams live on through all of us.  The SCBA is this and so much more.


Each year we unite to further this cause.  In the spring, we come together for our annual “Homecoming” event where we recognize the importance of the founders and longstanding members of our organization.  In the midst of the summer, we take a moment to enjoy good food, family, and fun at our annual barbeque. In the fall, we glam it up as we gather for one night to honor the contributions of the greater legal community while also paying homage – and scholarship money – to the star students who are working tirelessly to join our ranks.  When winter rolls in, we kick off the holiday season as we rejoice and celebrate our many personal and professional accomplishments throughout the year.  The common thread in all of these gatherings is fellowship, the importance of which is not lost on me.


You see, when I moved to Colorado, I came here fresh out of law school with a career opportunity, a desire to start a family, and the goal of being part of my community.  Years later, I can look around and smile at a growing career, my wonderful family, and the community that has embraced us.  The Sam Cary Bar Association is largely responsible for the wonderful people we have met in our time here.  The SCBA has given us friends, support, and the comfort of knowing that we will always have a family here.  This is true for so many of our members and it is my hope that it will continue to serve as such.


As we enter a new year, it is our goal to expand our reach to lawyers all across the state, continue developing young lawyers while providing opportunities and support for those currently in practice, build upon our network with other bar associations and the business community, and remain a voice for a community with a history of triumph over adversity.  We invite you – your ideas, your talent, your energy and your commitment – to join us on this path! 


I am so honored and extremely humbled to serve as your president.  Thank you, and let’s get to work!


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