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This committee records and reports membership status, publishes a membership directory, and recommends for adoption by the Board of Directors the privileges, terms and conditions of membership, including, but not limited to: classification, dues structure, communications, voting rights, and website access 

Marketing is responsible for the design, production and dissemination of a regular newsletter to the Corporation’s members as well as creating and marketing ideas, concepts and programs aimed at raising the visibility of the Corporation and its members among the various constituents of the association.

Community and Public Policy organizes and implements  law-related programs that promote justice and otherwise serve the interest of the Black community in Colorado; and tracks, studies, informs and advises the Corporation’s members of any pending or proposed executive action, legislation, referendum or ballot initiative, except those concerning the judiciary, which may affect the interests of the association.

This committee is charged with making formal recommendations to the association concerning nominations to the judiciary and guiding the memberships’ responses to such nominations.

The Events Committee plans the association annual events such as the scholarship gala and silent acution, homecoming, back to school BBQ and holiday party.   This committee also assists other committees with planning events in support of their programming.

This committee is responsible for creating and maintaining an annual financial budget for the association.

Jennifer Hall, Esq.


The YLD provides networking, professional developement and educational opportunities for practioners under the age of 40.  YLD serves as a liason between the Black Law Students Associations and Sam Cary offering mentoring and student support.

This committee facilitates the participation of the Corporation’s members with programs that are designed to enhance law student performance on the Colorado Bar Exam, as well as help transition new attorneys into the practice of law, including organizing periodic events that will assist in the mentoring and sponsorship of new attorneys and the professional education of the Corporation’s members.  This committee also maintains regular communication with, addresses issues affecting and recommends programs supporting Black law students at the University of Colorado-Boulder and University of Denver law schools.

The Nominating Committee is  responsible for for vetting and preparing the slate of candidates for SCBA elections. This Committee works with the Parlimentarian in ensuring that all requirements for seeking office are met prior to a candidate being included on a ballot.

Angela Boykins



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